Web is now the most powerful medium.Join us to experience how the web changes traditional business models. Read More>>
Web is now the most powerful medium.Join us to experience how the web changes traditional business models. Read More>>
BPM allows organizations to abstract business process from technology infrastructure, it goes far beyond automating business processes (software) or solving business problems. Read More>>
Open source is the creative practice of appropriation and free sharing of found and created content. We believe knowledge shd be free and be available to all. Read More>>
World class performance requires speed, quality, agility, and endurance. In a highly competitive race for world market domination, there are no silver or bronze medals. You win or you lose! Read More>>
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Open source software (OSS) represents a significant shift in traditional enterprise IT. It can speed time to market and deliver substantially lower licensing and maintenance costs than other approaches. Open source software offers comparable features and quality as well as greater deployment flexibility, enabling a more expansive use in enterprise applications.

While the advantages are real, organizations pursuing open source must ensure proper safeguards are in place to address the unique challenges it presents-including integration, IT support and system interdependencies.

As organizations implement OSS within the enterprise as part of a continuous effort to improve business and technology operations, they should aim to professionalize open source adoption, dissemination and management by focusing on effective open source solution stacks and governance structures. Mayfair Technology has developed tools and methodologies that deliver these solutions quickly and with substantial cost savings over some proprietary alternatives.

Through our consulting services for open source, we provide a broad range of assets and offerings around open source solutions, including migration and substitution solutions, governance frameworks and software solution stacks.


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