Web is now the most powerful medium.Join us to experience how the web changes traditional business models. Read More>>
Web is now the most powerful medium.Join us to experience how the web changes traditional business models. Read More>>
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BPM allows organizations to abstract business process from technology infrastructure, it goes far beyond automating business processes (software) or solving business problems. Read More>>
Open source is the creative practice of appropriation and free sharing of found and created content. We believe knowledge shd be free and be available to all. Read More>>
World class performance requires speed, quality, agility, and endurance. In a highly competitive race for world market domination, there are no silver or bronze medals. You win or you lose! Read More>>
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While anyone can create and implement a web site, operating a web-enabled business is a very different matter. To get there, you need a web-enabled business strategy resulting from re-thinking, reengineering and re-vamping your business model. Technology must no longer be seen as an operational element but as integral to the success of your business.

Many people mistakenly see the Web as a mere point of information but in fact it୵ch more than that: advertising medium, distribution channel and customer service vehicle, all presenting wholly new opportunities. Involvement on The Web provides many benefits at once: a global presence, reduction of time to market, minimization of order-processing costs, testing capability for small volume products and an automatic collecting of customer data. Your choice of technology then acts as an enabler, magnifying these results when used wisely.

One inherent element of strategic planning is the identification and definition of data elements (and their sources), required of information systems if they are to fully support the organizationలocesses. This leads to the development of a 壨nology architecture,稩ch provides a road map for the organization and guides the decision-making process to take greater advantage of the World Wide Web. Technology architecture is critical in delivering enterprise-computing systems, providing a control point for managing complexity and for maintaining system integrity. Its unifying and coherent structure systematically organizes people, process and other essential components, and generates rules for growing the system. It protects an enterprise system, typically greater than the sum of its components, from the danger of its complexity exploding unmanageably.

Creating Your Strategic Plan The creation of a strategic plan has always been an essential ingredient to long-term success. Now, with the explosive growth of the Internet and the dramatic impact it is having on the global economy, strategic planning is an urgent activity. So how can it be effectively done?

The first step is to understand that strategic planning requires a hierarchy of information, beginning with the organization୩ssion. Based upon your mission statement, a vision for the future can be formed, along with specific goals, and also performance measures developed to track progress towards each goal. This leads next and naturally to the formulation of specific actions to improve performance. A last step is to identify initiatives which will drive your actions and enable you to meet your goals.

Major Components of a Business Strategy The science of strategic planning requires strong product or service definition as a prerequisite. Once core product or service features have been defined, your strategic plan will lead the way to profitable sales channels and improved operational efficiencies.

Mission Statement: The creation of a powerful web-enabled business strategy requires a guiding mission statement that defines and justifies your organization's existence. Everyone needs to comprehend themission since it will form the basis for organizational decision-making. Each level and functional group within the organization should restate the mission in its own terms, defining its individual purposes and ways in which it plans to contribute to achieving the overall mission.

Your vision statement might also reflect your organization's values, that is, ethical and social bases for driving your organization toward its vision. Values such as these define boundaries of conduct for the organization in pursuing its mission as well as suggest internal processes and ambitions. For example, vision statements might read,

  • Become the fastest-to-market (product or service) company in the world.
  • Encourage employee innovation, experimentation and prudent risk-taking throughout the
  • Become the supplier of the best available products and services that enable our customers to
    meet and exceed their needs.
  • Provide our shareholders with an attractive return through sustained growth.
  • Recognize and reward excellence in the company by sharing financial success with our

Web-Enabled Plan for Success Ultimately, for a web-enabled business strategy to be genuinely successful, four principle requirements must be satisfied:

  • An executive management actively engaged in the strategic planning process and totally committed to turning the resulting plan into action, even though the company will be treading new waters.
  • An organization that is willing to take risks, and large ones at that, since many companies now report (through hard experience) that the biggest risk of all may be underestimating The Web੭pact.
  • The right people available to fully participate in the process as a team. Because of this, strong project management principles must be applied.
  • A realization that time is of the essence! rnet time穬l not permit you to sit back and wait for all your planning activities to complete. Once breakthrough objectives begin emerging, you堧ot to go, go, go! You'll undoubtedly make some mistakes as you sprint but at least you and your organization won't be left behind.
Web-Oriented Development Services:We provides various web-oriented Development Services for almost all sectors.

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